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Monday, February 18th, 2019 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes X-Class Pickup Review

2020 Mercedes X-Class Pickup Updates: Get New V6 Diesel | The house of the three-pointed star pulls out another ace for its upgraded X-Class pickup. An evolved and more aggressive Diesel V6 engine in the road and off-road. The refinement of functional technologies for the range is obvious.

In the common imaginary, perhaps a mighty pick-up does not represent “automotive sportiness” in the common sense, but we now know very well that it can sometimes become so. Of course, it is often just a work vehicle, but sometimes it involves just as much as the strongest SUVs. And the factory that was born from the ideas of Carl Benz has aimed to amaze everyone with its Class X , arrived on the market a year ago.

2020 Mercedes X-Class Price in USA

2020 Mercedes X-Class Engine – Powerful!

The dimensions are clear, well 5 meters and 34 cm in length and 1 meter and 92 in width (without mirrors) do not make it a B segment. In fact, has dynamic technical skills turned out really good from the “day one”, also convincing the skeptics, bringing even after a year Mercedes-Benz to put under the hood of his pickup a mighty and refined V6 3.0 Diesel .

There are as many as 258 Horsepower forfeited by this new engine, with a maximum torque of 550 Nm, for an acceleration capacity from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds. Performance performance made possible with the complicity of the new generation variable geometry turbocharger and the innovative coating of the cylinder liners Nano slide, which derives from the hybrid engines that have dominated the F1 in the last five seasons.


Not just “engine”, though. After all, a great deal of work has been done in the transmission department, implementing the 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission with paddle on the steering wheel, combined with the Dynamic Select system .

2020 Mercedes X-Class Release Date & Price

And it is this technological system that allows you to modify the setup in five different modes (Comfort, Eco, Sport, Manual and Off-Road) through the switch placed on the center console. It means being able to get the most adaptability of the vehicle with the driving style of those behind the wheel and with the terrain to follow.

Another key point of this pick-up is the 4Matic all-wheel drive , obviously dedicated for the X-Class and exploitable in three modes. That is 4MAT to look for dynamism, 4H for more traction anywhere, slimy roads or off-road, and 4L for very, very challenging areas where to bump. That said, it is not even anything special, but the effectiveness depends also on the immediacy of the response of all the connected devices.

Everything is symbiotic, linked like a hug of lovers. But the improvements would have been less “lovable” if the “X” had not shown to be really nice to drive. The problem has not been placed at the root, indeed, the car expresses comfort and dynamic qualities uncommon for a car with frame spar and crossbars, excellent even in the off road.

However, it is not a car that is par for consumption, with 9 liters / 100km in the combined cycle among the “declared” yet provisional values. But the typical buyer of a similar pickup truck (homologated as a lorry) probably puts him in the background.

2020 Mercedes X-Class Technology, comfort, sport, functionality

The Mercedes Classe X 350d 4MATIC is currently offered in two production lines, Progressive and Power, with the latter full optional, and both equipped with many technological and non-technological accessories. For those who understand the sector, we could say a sought-after mix between the accuracy of today’s Japanese set-ups and the muscularity of the aggressive Americans.

As in all the latest models in the Mercedes range, the Mercedes Me Connect system is integrated, to manage many aspects of your smartphone/tablet/pc with the infotainment.

2020 Mercedes X-Class Price

With a modicum of chance it could be said that the average pick-up truck market is a changed pinch, despite the cost of the Mercedes-Benz branded model is quite high compared to the more “able-bodied” competition.

In fact, the 2020 Mercedes X-Class 350d starts from about $48,611 for the Progressive version and $50,872 for the Progressive top, VAT excluded. But for “mix” between living room, tireless machine and very lively car, it will not be surprising if someone will vote for the sacrifice.

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